Urban Hunt in 31 words:

Urban Hunt is an interactive team building where colleagues compete against each other in teams. By solving creative challenges linked to the city correctly and outsmarting other teams, points are earned.

In teams but still together

Colleagues compete against each other in teams. During Urban Hunt, there is constant interaction between the teams both physically and digitally, making it a real group activity.

The number of people per team depends on the number of participants. The below suggestion is non-binding, and it's no problem to form slightly larger teams.

  • Up to 30 participants: teams of 3 to 4 people
  • From 30 participants: teams of 3 to 5 people

20 extraordinary assignments

Collaboration, strategy, and thinking outside the box are essential to solving the tasks, accompanied by cryptic audio fragments, historical photos, and South-African instructions correctly.

Completely taken care of

Our Urban Hunt team comes to the site to guide everything smoothly. This way, you can enjoy the team building without worries.

2 hours

Count on a total duration of about 2 hours including the explanation from the Urban Hunt guide.


A charged smartphone is all the colleagues need to provide. Nothing needs to be downloaded; colleagues scan a QR code they receive from us, and Urban Hunt opens up. If certain colleagues don't have a smartphone, we will resolve this.

Interaction between teams

The group may be divided into teams, but Urban Hunt is a real group activity. There’s constant interaction between the teams both physically and digitally. The number of points one can earn for a task depends on the correct and incorrect answers of other teams. Additionally, there is a live scoreboard and teams can see each other's location.

Calm or competitive

Walk from task to task thoughtfully or run headlong to snatch penalty points from another team? You determine the intensity yourself. Strategy, attentiveness, and a sharp mind win over speed.


During the teambuilding, collaboration is crucial. The team must keep track of the changes in points and the location of other teams. In addition, they need to work closely together to solve the creative assignments correctly, and making the right strategic decisions as a team is of great importance.

Get to know the city

During the game, the touristic hotspots are covered, and we provide historical, cultural, and special facts.

Challenging or easy

From easy no-brainers to challenging brain teasers: there are levels of tasks making the team building achievable for every colleague.

Funny statistics

Which colleagues will receive the coffee chatter award and the sprint bomb award? Interesting and humorous statistics provide plenty of excitement afterward.

From Belgian soil

Both the concept and the software are developed by the Urban Hunt team.

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