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Group photo in front of the Cloth Hall of Ypres. They played the city game Urban Hunt in the dark.
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Thanks for the fantastic end of our summer school, what a successful challenge!

Een reactie over het stadsspel Urban Hunt van Rani Van de Velde
Rani Van de Velde
UGent - Verantwoordelijke summerschool geneeskunde

Think strategically. Act thoughtfully.

Decipher cryptic audio fragments, historical photos, and South African instructions together with your teammates. Outsmart other colleagues.

  • Photo of the city game in

    1 city

    Discover historical, cultural and striking facts about the city where your team building takes place.

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  • 50xp

    20 challenges

    Urban Hunt is achievable for every company. You choose the intensity yourselves and the challenges vary in difficulty.

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    4 possible answers

    Four surprisingly creative answer options accompany each challenge. Edited historical photos, mysterious audio fragments, strange videos, and much more.

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    • 1

      Chief Entertainment Officers


    • 2

      Team Kampioenen


    • 3

      THE unBEATabLES


    • 4

      De Kasseivreters


    95 minutes

    The game itself lasts 95 minutes. Count on a total duration of about 2 hours including game preparation.

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What is the price?

Including VAT, excluding surprises

How many players?

Choose the estimated number of players. This is not binding.

  • No preparation needed
  • The Urban Hunt team comes on-site

Your game

  • Carefree, physical guidance
  • Interactively against each other in teams
  • Calm or intensive
  • Total duration: ± 2 hours

Pay via invoice

incl. VAT

Possible start locations

All teams start from the same location within the playing area. We provide you with 4 suggestions. At the end, each team will be at a different location and the application will ask you to return to the start. You can also choose to reunite at a different location.

The colleagues were very enthusiastic and found this team-building challenge to be the best we have done in years.

Een reactie over het stadsspel Urban Hunt van Stien Decadt
Stien Decadt, Recruitment Manager - Van Marcke

Discover Ronse in a special way

The riddles in the shadow of Ronse's tourist attractions are unique. Which team will decipher the cryptic messages of Saint-Hermes, send the other teams into the music forest and Bruult park, and emerge victorious from the Saint-Hermes Basilica after 95 minutes?

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What is Urban Hunt?

  • Unique interactive team building

  • Varied and creative assignments

  • Carefree, no preparation

  • Cancellation or not satisfied? Money back

  • Special facts about the city

  • Calm or intense

  • For companies up to 200 players

  • Fast customer service, also on weekends

  • Suitable for all colleagues

What is Urban Hunt not?

  • No connection with the city

  • No interaction between colleagues

  • No possibility to cancel

  • Waiting several days for confirmation

  • Only for competitive colleagues

  • Complex rules and long explanations

  • Preparation

  • Ill-considered assignments

Ready for an unforgettable team building?

The request is handled within five hours at the latest, even on weekends.

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