A super fun city game

Urban Hunt in Ypres

Play Urban Hunt in Ypres and discover the versatility of the City of Peace. Ypres is much more than the Great War.

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Super fun and exciting activity yesterday during our teambuilding! Highly recommended! Thank you Urban Hunt.

Een reactie over het stadsspel Urban Hunt van Karen Demey
Karen Demey
Stad Ieper

Be cunning. Be clever.

Work together with your teammates and devise a strategy to uncover secrets, crack cryptic hints, and outsmart other teams.

  • Photo of the city game in Ypres

    1 city center

    Choose the city center where you want to play Urban Hunt. Historical, cultural, and special trivia about the city are featured.

  • 50xp

    20 challenges

    There are 20 unique challenges of varying levels. Moreover, the game can be played both calmly and intensively. In this way, the game is achievable for everyone.

    4 answer options

    For each challenge, we present four creative answer options: edited photos, mysterious sound clips, puzzling videos, and so much more.

    • 1

      25xp - De Kampioenen


    • 2

      20xp - Het Eiland


    • 3

      10xp - De Gekroonden


    95 minutes

    As a team, collect as many points as possible in 95 minutes. The live scoreboard adds to the excitement.

How much does it cost?

This is the total price, no surprises.

Not counting children under 10 years of age.

Your game

  • Can be played calmly or intensively

  • In small or slightly larger teams

  • From 2 to 150 players

Fast online payment

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Possible start locations

All teams start from the same location within the play area. We give you 5 suggestions on this map.

Everyone came back enchanted by the challenge!

Een reactie over het stadsspel Urban Hunt van Roosje Goemaere
Roosje Goemaere, Secretaris Nocturnes Ieper

Discover Ypres playfully

The puzzles in the shadow of the tourist sites in Ypres are unique. Who wouldn't be tempted by the Westhoek region? Which team will win the belfry after 95 minutes and exit through the Menin Gate?

Discover Ypres playfully
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Why Urban Hunt?

  • Cancellation or not satisfied? Money back

  • Can be played both leisurely or intensely

  • Facts about the city

  • Start whenever you want

  • Unique game, developed in Belgium

  • Fun & creative challenges

  • Great for both small and large groups

  • Online payment, option to start immediately

  • Fast customer service, also on weekends

What's Urban Hunt not?

  • Expensive physical guidance

  • No connection with the city

  • Starting time must be respected

  • Fixed starting location

  • No possibility of cancellation

  • Reserve several days in advance

  • Only aimed at competitive groups

  • Complex game rules

  • Waiting for a quote

  • Long game explanation

Ready for the challenge?

From online payment to playing in 5 minutes. You choose when you want to start. No physical guidance needed.

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