Press Kit

Urban Hunt is a unique city game where players compete against each other in teams. By correctly solving creative tasks linked to the city, points are collected, and participants get to know the city.

The players use a web application, which founders Klaas Lannoy and Roel Vaneyghen created for the game. The number of points one receives for correctly solving tasks depends on the performance of other teams. Historical facts, special trivia, drone footage, mysterious audio clips, drawings of historical figures, and South African instructions turn this into a unique experience. The competition between teams is fueled by a live scoreboard and post-game statistics.

The first version of Urban Hunt was launched in the fall of 2018 in Ghent and Ypres. Roel and Klaas used the quiet period during the coronavirus pandemic to create an entirely new game. They based this on their experience with the first version of Urban Hunt, interviews with players, scientific research on game technical concepts, and numerous test sessions.

Urban Hunt is now offered in more than a dozen Flemish cities. The development of new cities employs 15 working students and two historians, among others.

  • Suitable for friends, companies, schools, and families.
  • Price: ± €12 per person, discounted rate for schools and youth organizations - prices
  • Duration: ± 2 hours: 5 mins explanation - 95 mins game - 15 mins regroup + debrief
  • At your own pace
  • All info via this link