Urban Hunt in 43 Words:

Urban Hunt is a unique city game in which a group is divided into teams that compete against each other. Points are earned by solving creative puzzles linked to the city correctly and outsmarting other teams. The team with the highest score wins.

In Teams

The group (2 to 200 players) is divided into teams that compete against each other. During the game, there is continuous interaction between the teams both physically and digitally, making it a real group activity.

For the optimal team size, we provide the following non-binding suggestion. It is no problem to play with slightly larger teams if desired.

  • Up to 30 players: teams of 3 to 4 players
  • From 30 players: teams of 3 to 5 players

20 Creative Tasks

Cryptic messages, mysterious sound clips, enigmatic videos, manipulated historical photos, and South African voice messages ensure an unforgettable experience.

Plug and Play

No complicated downloads or technology. Players click on a link they receive via SMS or WhatsApp, which automatically opens the instructions and the game. After listening to the three-minute explanation, the game starts.

Interaction Between Teams

The number of points you get for correctly solving a task depends in part on how many teams have already solved the task correctly/incorrectly. A live scoreboard and the display of the other teams' locations provide the necessary tension and interaction between teams.

Relaxed or Intensive

Walk or run from task to task in a calm and reasoned manner, or to snatch penalty points from another team? You determine the intensity yourself. Experience shows that cunning, strategy, and a sharp mind are much more important than fast legs. Running is not required during the game.

Discover the City

Each task is linked to the city. Historical, cultural, and special facts ensure a strong connection with the city.

95 Minutes

As a team, collect as many points as possible in 95 minutes. The live scoreboard provides the necessary tension.

Difficult or Easy

From manageable warm-ups to daunting brain teasers: there are puzzles of three levels so that Urban Hunt is achievable for everyone.

Start Whenever You Want

Simply start the game with the push of a button. So you don't have to worry about delays or rain.

Statistics after the game

After the game, each player receives an overview full of great statistics. This creates a lot of excitement during the post-game discussion.

Our team is available 24/7

We are always available by phone, email, and chat. Experience has shown that these are rarely used because the startup is very straightforward.

Unique city game of our own

The Urban Hunt team conceived and wrote the software themselves. The assignments are also of their own hand/mind.

Ready for the challenge?

From online payment to playing in 5 minutes. You choose when you want to start. No physical guidance needed.

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