Urban Hunt is suitable as a team-building activity for companies and as a group activity for friends, schools, and families.

No Intellectual Barrier

From manageable warm-ups to daunting brain teasers: there are puzzles of three levels so that Urban Hunt is achievable for everyone.

No Technological Barrier

No complicated downloads or technology. Players click on a link they receive via SMS or WhatsApp, which automatically opens the instructions and the game. After listening to the three-minute explanation, the game starts.

No Physical Barrier

You choose the intensity of the game yourself. You can stroll from one task to another where solving the task provides a physical break. In every city, it is possible to play the game with a wheelchair or stroller. Most groups walk two to four kilometers during the game.

No Knowledge Barrier

No knowledge questions are asked, so you can easily play the game even if you have never been to the city before. City residents and non-residents are on equal footing.

No Age Barrier

Urban Hunt is often played by families, consisting of different generations. If seniors and children are able to walk at least two kilometers, with this walking alternating with a break approximately every 210 meters, then the game is feasible for them.

Ready for the challenge?

From online payment to playing in 5 minutes. You choose when you want to start. No physical guidance needed.

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